Benefits of the ZoomLock tool

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

B-DACS has invested in the initiative ZoomLock tool making air conditioning projects safer and easier for both staff and customers. Find out about this ground breaking system...Continued

ZoomLock is an initiative system that has made connecting air conditioning pipework simpler and safer.

In 2017 B-DACS invested in a ZoomLock system. This was a new tool that made installations easier for staff and safe for customers.

We wanted to ensure safe working practices at all times on site therefore the ZoomLock system was ideal with its many benefits including:ZoomLock Tool

  • Reduced hot works
  • Eliminate Brazing
  • No hazardous brazing gasses required on site
  • No fire alarm isolations
  • No hot works permits
  • No fire watches/cooling down period
  • Faster installations
  • No OFN Purging

Using the ZoomLock tool has the advantage of significantly reducing the time taken for our air conditioning installations, as it takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to brazing. This allows B-DACS to effectively complete installation projects in a more time-effective manner, and rapidly get systems up and running.

This method of installing air conditioning pipework eliminates the need for hot works in customer premises. This is a much safer method which has been very successful in a number of our projects, especially a large hospital one we carried out in 2019. We have now purchased a second ZoomLock tool, meaning we can use this method on most of our installations in 2020.

If you have an air conditioning project this year and think B-DACS could assist please call us on 0141 773 3355. We will be happy to help.

Safe and professional working

At B-DACS, we have always prided ourselves on our safe and professional working practices displayed by all of our staff.

If you have contacted B-DACS to carry out a project for you, you can rest assured we have your safety and our staff’s at the heart of everything we do.

B-DACS Site Safety

Before an installation project, we carry out a full risk assessment. All staff wear B-DACS branded uniforms and have full personal protective equipment to carry out the job safely.

We are always conscious of the surrounds so tool box talks are an important part of a week for our onsite staff. Training and development is key to all our staff performance so making sure everyone knows what is expected of them is a must.

We carry out site health and safety surveys to ensure safety and quality remains high.

If you require B-DACS to design an energy-efficient heating and cooling system please get in touch on 0141 773 3355.

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