Hybrid VRF

The Hybrid VRF (HVRF) system offered by Mitsubishi Electric is a modern alternative to traditional VRF systems, designed for use in medium to large applications and mixed-use buildings.

What is HVRF?

Hybrid VRF provides simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery, enabling you to flexibly meet your heating and cooling needs in different spaces. The major innovation is that it uses refrigerant only between the outdoor units and the Hybrid BC controller (HBC) and water between the HBC and the indoor units, with the HBC allowing heat exchange between refrigerant and water. What this means for you is that the system only uses water in occupied spaces, leaving them completely free of refrigerant. With an HVRF system, there is no need for leak detection, making compliance with BS EN378 refrigerant safety guidelines considerably easier. This feature makes it ideal for use in applications where leak detection would normally be required, such as in living spaces, office buildings and hospitals. Using water only at the indoor units also enables more gradual changes in temperature. This creates a more comfortable and consistent internal environment than traditional refrigerant based systems, leading to increased satisfaction for customers and the people who use their buildings.

Hybrid VRF Installation

Mitsubishi Electric’s HVRF uses a simplified 2-pipe system, reducing system complexity and encouraging efficient and flexible design. It is a fully packaged solution, which is completely compatible with existing Mitsubishi Electric components. Despite using more advanced units and the innovative HBC controllers, it has lower overall installation costs than traditional VRF or VRV systems.

B-DACS is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner, recognising that we meet or exceed the highest industry standards for installing and maintaining Mitsubishi Electric products. We are only one of two companies in Scotland to have achieved this accreditation, demonstrating that you can trust us with your Hybrid VRF installation.

Hybrid VRF applications include:

Office Buildings


Care Homes

Shopping Centre

Student Accommodation


Commercial Premises