B-DACS Receives Investors in Young People Award

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

B-DACS is proud to receive the new Investors in Young People Award.

We believe in giving people a chance and recruiting young talent from around Glasgow.

It’s a strategy that’s really paid off for us over the years and we’re delighted this award recognises the work that we do.

Why the Investors in Young People Award was Created

Developed by Investors in People, the Investors in Young People scheme was designed to address Scotland’s high youth unemployment.

Not only is it difficult for young people emerging from schools, colleges and universities, the issue is leading to skills gaps for businesses and industries across the country.

To help resolve these problems, it’s vital that youth employment begins to grow at a steady and sustainable rate. The Investors in Young People Award gives businesses the framework to achieve this.

By recruiting, supporting, managing and developing young people, businesses like B-DACS generate real returns for themselves, their communities and the economy as a whole.

Investors in Young PeopleWhy We Invest in Young People

As Investors in Young People recognises, it’s sometimes necessary to recruit people with experience in a particular role.

However, there are also clear benefits in taking on young people who are just starting out in their careers.

Recruiting young people can boost morale and bring fresh insights to the business. Often, they have unique skills, particularly when it comes to IT, social media and cutting edge working practices.

At B-DACS, we’ve benefited from each of these factors, contributed by young employees in various roles. We’ve recruited young people from around Glasgow for office management, digital marketing and air conditioning engineering roles.

Currently, over half our employees were 24 or under when they joined the company.

On receiving the award, our director Diane commented:

We were absolutely delighted to be awarded the Investors in Young People Award. We’ve developed a strategy which has been proven to work. We’ve been employing young people since B-DACS started 11 years ago and, by putting together a programme of training and ongoing development, it’s worked very well.

Our two latest employees, Luke (18) and Darren (23), have only been with us for a short time but we can already see them beginning to pick up the skills which will benefit both our business and them as individuals.

Kevin (26) has been in our business since the beginning and he’s now mentoring our new people and training them in the quality standards we pride ourselves on. The award just cements all the good work we’ve done and actually it’s just business as usual for B-DCAS.

Investors in Young People Award Criteria

The Investors in Young People framework assesses business in 10 different areas, all geared towards young people. They are:

  • Business Strategy
  • Attraction and Recruitment
  • Developing Young People
  • Leading Young People
  • Transition to Work
  • Support and Guidance
  • Effective Learning and Development
  • Impact on Business Strategy
  • Impact on Young People
  • Continuous Improvement

Your business need to meet certain criteria in each area to receive the award.

To find out more or attend an open day in Glasgow or Edinburgh, visit the Investors in Young People website.


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