Not Just for Summer, Air Conditioning Provides Heating Too

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

If you wish you’d had air conditioning this summer, you’re not alone.

When the weather gets hot and you’re stuck indoors, it’s difficult to relax and stay focused, let alone enjoy yourself.

Staying cool is vital, whether you’re working, at home or going out.

However, although most people don’t realise it, air conditioning provides heating as well as cooling. In fact, it could fulfil all your heating requirements, depending on the space you have.

So, you shouldn’t leave it until next summer to solve your climate control problems. Air conditioning might just be the answer in the winter as well.

Is Air Conditioning a Luxury in Scotland?

Many people in Scotland consider air conditioning – or, more specifically, cooling – to be a luxury.

The weather is hardly ever really hot and when it is we should try to enjoy it.

But this view doesn’t reflect the reality.

In the workplace, overheating has a significant impact on productivity, concentration and employee wellbeing. For customer-facing businesses, it’s a major cause for dissatisfaction.

When the temperature reaches 26°C, as it did for several weeks in Glasgow and Edinburgh this year, air conditioning becomes really important.

It’s more cost-effective and performs better than other forms of cooling, including fans and portable systems.

Using Air Conditioning for Heating in Winter

Now the summer is over, air conditioning is likely to move off the radar.

However, smart businesses should be looking ahead to next summer and even this winter.

Air conditioning is often overlooked as a heating system, and, unless you work in a related industry, it’s unlikely you’ll be aware the technology heats as well as cools.

It’s designed to keep your building at the right temperature, regardless of the weather. By switching between heating and cooling modes, you can maintain a consistent climate throughout the year, even in unseasonable weather. You won’t get caught out by a sudden cold spell or heatwave.

Heating systems do just that – heat – but air conditioning gives you the full package.

Air Conditioning is Energy Efficient Climate Control

If you need both heating and cooling, air conditioning is the most efficient form of climate control.

But even without the cooling element, it’s a highly efficient way to heat your room or building.

Air conditioning systems consume less energy than electric heaters, giving you lower energy bills and carbon emissions. As long as they’re properly sized and maintained, they have low running costs and strong performance.

Most of the systems we install are rated at least A for energy efficiency, ranging from inexpensive wall-mounted split systems to building-wide VRF systems.

We can help you find the right system for you, in preparation for the winter or next summer.

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