Our Next Step in Becoming a Paperless Office

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

Did you know it is reported that 70% of today’s businesses would fall in a period of three weeks after a catastrophe loss of paper records.

At B-DACS we are always looking at innovative ways to help grow our business and enhance our customer journey. Therefore this fact was a real concern for us and quickly got us brainstorming ways around how we could protect B-DACS records.

We looked at various different options and have now came up with a favourable solution which will help us reduce the need for paper records in our business.

Within the next month we will be introducing iPads into our business to help our Engineers communicate efficiently and effectively with the office and we feel this will not just benefit us in helping to prevent loss of records however there are many other benefits including:

  • Eliminate and reduce the need for filing cabinets
  • Reduce costs
  • Documents will be easier to locate
  • Opportunity for employees to work remotely
  • More environmentally friendly

Above all the mentioned benefits another key area where we feel this will benefit the company will be to enhance our customer service. With the use of iPads we can communicate effectively between our Engineers and office staff to ensure that the correct information flows between the two areas meaning that we can provide our customers with a fast turnaround on costs and repairs as our office staff can attend to the reports coming back almost instantaneously.

The first phase of our iPad project will be to up skill our Service and Maintenance Engineers on using the iPads and software, once this pilot period is complete we will then roll this out to our Install Engineers. We also feel that this will be a great benefit to our employees by reducing the time spent on writing reports as well as providing them with company information at their fingertips.

Come back and visit our blog in a few weeks to find out how our Engineers are getting on with our new technology.


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