Portable Air Conditioning Solutions Now at B-DACS



A portable Air Con system is a simple and efficient way of cooling your premises. The flexibility of a portable system makes it a convenient and cost-efficient way of cooling whichever room you are occupying.

The number one benefit of a portable Air Con system is plain to see; they are portable, meaning you can have Air Con in whichever room you want, whether you only want the unit for the summer months or all year round. The cost of a portable Air Con system is far less than the initial installation costs for a fixed system therefore it’s an idea option for a temporary solution.

If you are unsure whether Air Con is needed within your premises then the portable units are a great way of trying before you commit to installing a fixed unit.

As well as offering an effective cooling solution portable Air Con systems, like fixed systems, can make the lives of allergy sufferers a little easier. Hay fever can be an issue for many people especially at this time of year and an Air Con system can reduce the effects of allergies to trees and grass pollen by cleaning the air in the room, purifying it and alleviating the symptoms of hay fever.

If you already have an Air Con system in place but need extra cooling power, a portable Air Con system is also suitable for providing that extra oomph when chilling a room.

Given the great benefits of the portable units, B-DACS wanted to offer their customers various options for AC solutions and have therefore invested in portable units for hire or sale. After only having them in stock for just over one week we have already seen a few customers benefit from this solution.

One of our maintenance customers has benefited by hiring a portable AC unit until they have the funds to replace an outdated unit within their offices, helping them to keep their server room cool which was a cause for concern during the brief warm spell we recently had.

One customer contacted us as he needed a fixed Air Con unit to cool his beer cellar so we were able to offer the customer a temporary solution with on of our portable units to keep his cellar cool until we could install the fixed unit, thus meaning we could meet all his requirements.

If you think that you could benefit from one of our portable units, then please contact us for further information on 0141 773 3355 or drop us an email at webenquiries@bdacs.com.


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