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Air conditioning and ventilation is rarely more important than in the healthcare sector. Maintaining good air quality and a consistent temperature is essential for patient comfort and recovery, infection control, storing drugs and medical equipment and carrying out research.

We work closely with healthcare customers to find the best solutions for their buildings, considering any critical concerns, how spaces are used, installation time and costs and energy efficiency. We design bespoke systems to meet your needs and offer regular maintenance to ensure you can continue relying on your air conditioning and ventilation over time.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Healthcare

B-DACS installs air conditioning and ventilation systems for the healthcare sector in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. Our team of engineers has vast experience working in healthcare settings, including installing bespoke systems for surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, operating theatres and research labs, and have demonstrated the ability to work in these environments responsibly and skilfully.

For small surgeries, including general practices, dental surgeries and veterinary surgeries, we can help you find a system that meets the needs of your staff and patients. We install cost effective air conditioning that provides effective and reliable climate control, whether you require a system for the entire building, individual patient areas or specialist spaces.

We understand that healthcare systems in specialist facilities such as hospitals or labs must adhere to technical specifications, usually requiring close control or precision air conditioning. The systems we install in these settings incorporate smart controllers, allowing operators to set up schedules and manage zones individually.

In all healthcare settings, maintaining air quality is vital for controlling infections. We can install high efficiency or HEPA filers, which prevent the circulation of airborne spores and bacteria. Often under high demand, energy management is also a major concern in healthcare, and we can help you identify a modern air conditioning system with high energy efficiency and low running costs.

We offer bespoke air conditioning and ventilation systems for:

GP Surgeries
Dental Surgeries
Veterinary Surgeries
Drug Stores

Maintenance and Repairs

Air conditioning and ventilation in the healthcare sector requires regular service and maintenance, regardless of the size of your system. This preserves performance, prevents faults from developing, protects your warranty and enhances air quality in your healthcare environment.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems that are not maintained can get dirty, causing blocked filters, reduced temperature control and poor air quality, as well as more serious issues. In the healthcare sector, this could have potentially serious effects, including patient discomfort and increased risk of infection.

At B-DACS, we offer a complete maintenance and repair service in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland. If you have a problem, our specialist service engineers will carry out thorough checks and diagnose the problem on their first visit, wherever possible repairing it at the same time. We also offer regular maintenance visits, which make it unlikely you will ever experience a serious issue.