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Air conditioning and ventilation are vital in the hospitality sector, where the client experience always comes first. High quality air conditioning creates a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere in the spaces your clients occupy, ranging from bars and restaurants to hotel rooms and leisure facilities. Effective ventilation is important for maintaining good air quality and essential for safety in specialist spaces like kitchens.

We work closely with customers in the hospitality sector to find the best solutions for their buildings, considering how spaces are used, installation time and costs, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness over the system’s lifespan. We design bespoke systems to meet your needs and offer regular maintenance to ensure you can continue relying on your air conditioning over time.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation for the Hospitality Sector

B-DACS installs air conditioning and ventilation systems for the hospitality sector in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. Our team of engineers has extensive experience developing systems for a wide range of applications and customers in this sector, ranging from national chains with multiple sites to small local businesses.

In most restaurants, bars and cafés, we recommend air conditioning split systems. These are highly flexible, quick and cheap to install and can be adapted to meet the heating and cooling requirements of almost any space. In kitchens, we install bespoke ventilation systems, depending on size and usage.

Hotels typically require Hybrid VRF, VRF or VRV air conditioning, which provides simultaneous heating and cooling to different spaces in the building. With these systems, the temperature in each room can be individually controlled, including bedrooms, foyers, bars, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Regardless of which system you require, we will work with you to tailor it to suit your brand and the design of your hospitality space. Units can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or ducted, depending on your requirements, and we can help you select units to meet your needs. Common modifications include whisper quiet air conditioning units, especially in hotel rooms, discrete units and exposed ventilation ductwork.

We offer bespoke air conditioning and ventilation systems for:



Bars and Nightclubs



Leisure Facilities

Maintenance and Repairs

Air conditioning and ventilation in the hospitality sector requires regular service and maintenance, regardless of the size of your system. This preserves performance, prevents faults from developing, protects your warranty and enhances air quality in your hospitality environment. Air conditioning and ventilation systems that are not maintained can get dirty, causing blocked filters, reduced temperature control and poor air quality, as well as more serious issues. In the hospitality sector, this could lead to discomfort for your clients, damage to reputation and even potentially health and safety or compliance issues. At B-DACS, we offer a complete maintenance and repair service in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland. If you have a problem, our specialist service engineers will carry out thorough checks and diagnose the problem on their first visit, wherever possible repairing it at the same time. We also offer regular maintenance visits, which make it unlikely you will ever experience a serious issue.