Serving Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Small Businesses

For many small businesses, installing air conditioning can seem like a big step. In Scotland, it is often perceived as an expensive luxury, but modern air conditioning systems are highly cost-effective and can fulfil all your heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

As a family-run business ourselves, we understand the needs and concerns of other small businesses and can work closely with you to find the best solution for your space, whether it is an office, retail space or another type of building. When designing your system, we will consider your budget and individual requirements, helping you create a bespoke system that meets your needs.

Air Conditioning for Small Businesses

B-DACS installs air conditioning for small businesses across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. With extensive industry experience, we can install systems for any building type, ranging from small offices and shops to specialist spaces including server rooms and healthcare facilities.

We thrive on working with other local businesses, designing and installing systems that help them improve their service and meet their goals. Our office team and engineers work together to uphold our family ethos, with honest, straightforward and personal communication on every job.

We understand that small businesses operate with limited resources and normally prioritise getting a cost-effective system that is fit for purpose over the latest features or technology. For many small businesses, one or two single split systems will serve their space perfectly, efficiently meeting heating and cooling demands all year round, with a low capital investment.

We can advise on when making an extra investment will bring considerable performance gains or cost savings in the long run, but always respect your initial budget and that the final decision is yours. And if even the smallest permanent system remains outside your budget, we offer air conditioning hire at highly competitive rates to see you through any difficult times.

We offer bespoke air conditioning solutions for:

Small Offices
IT and Server Rooms


Hair and Beauty Salons
GP, Dental and Veterinary Surgeries
Specialist Facilities

Maintenance and Repairs

All air conditioning systems require regular service and maintenance, regardless of their size. This preserves performance, prevents faults from developing, protects your warranty and enhances air quality in your business.

Systems that are not maintained can get dirty, causing blocked filters and reduced temperature control, as well as more serious issues. Whether you are in an office, retail, hospitality or other setting, this can create discomfort among your staff and your customers, which could lead to productivity losses, downtime or reputational damage.

At B-DACS, we offer a complete maintenance and repair service in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland. If you have a problem, our specialist service engineers will carry out thorough checks and diagnose the problem on their first visit, wherever possible repairing it at the same time. We also offer regular maintenance visits, which make it unlikely you will ever experience a serious issue.