Serving Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Air Conditioning Installation

B-DACS specialises in air conditioning installation in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. For larger installation projects, we also work across the rest of the UK.

Air Conditioning Installation Specialists

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, B-DACS can install air conditioning in any building, from small offices, retail units and server rooms to large commercial developments, multi-storey buildings, hotels and leisure facilities.

We operate as air conditioning contractors in the construction trade and specialise in working directly with end user clients. The main sectors we work in include:

When working in your business, we will always keep disruption to a minimum and carry out projects efficiently, responsibility and with a high degree of workmanship. We always carry out a full site survey and design a bespoke system to meet your needs, no matter the size of the project. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the trust we have built up over the years with the people we work for.

When operating in the trade, we work closely with building and engineering contracts, architects and other specialists, providing technical advice and support, and ensuring our installations are completed on time and on budget at every stage. We provide feedback on specifications and design proposals, guaranteeing the air conditioning systems being installed are ideally suited for the application.

Types of Air Conditioning

Ar B-DACS, we can help you find the right air conditioning system for your needs, considering building size and layout, how your space is used, installation time and costs, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness over the system’s lifespan.

Depending on your requirements, air conditioning can provide space heating, comfort cooling and precise temperature control, working independently or in conjunction with additional heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery systems as required.


VRF or VRV systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple spaces, enabling you to control the temperature across your entire building. VRF or VRV systems are suited for use in medium to large applications, including multi-storey buildings, large office blocks and hotels.

Hybrid VRF

The HVRF system developed by Mitsubishi Electric is a modern alternative to VRF or VRV. It works in the same way but uses water only in occupied spaces, as opposed to refrigerant, creating a more consistent environment, reducing installation costs and removing the need for leak detection.

Single Split System

Single split systems are the most affordable type of air conditioning system and suitable for use in small commercial properties, including small offices and shops. Each split system has one indoor unit and one outdoor unit connected by pipework, making each split a self-contained system.

Multi-Split System

Multi-split systems work in exactly the same way as single split systems, but you can connect up to nine indoor units to each outdoor unit. This is ideal when you need multiple indoor units but have minimal outdoor space or want to preserve the exterior of your building.

Efficient Air Conditioning

Modern air conditioning systems are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Installing a new system requires capital investment but it could significantly reduce your long term running costs. Compared to other forms of commercial heating, it’s cost-effective and flexible, as well as offering climate control all year round.

All the systems we install are rated at least A+ for energy efficiency, with the most up to date VRF/VRV systems coming with even greater efficiencies. Modern systems come with smart controllers, built-in heat recovery and advanced refrigerants, which can further boost your building’s efficiency and help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

B-DACS understand that energy efficiency is one of the most important considerations for businesses today. We use the latest technology, including Hybrid VRF and R32 systems, to help our customers achieve their aims.

Financing Your Installation

Under the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, businesses can claim significant tax relief when installing eligible products. These are listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL) and include air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Air conditioning and refrigeration installations also qualify for low-cost finance through the Carbon Trust’s Energy Efficiency Financing scheme. Payments are designed to be offset against energy savings, making your carbon-friendly installation affordable right away.

B-DACS also has strong links with manufacturers in the industry, with accreditations including Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality PartnerDaikin D1 Partner and Toshiba T7 Partner. Through these schemes, we can offer finance solutions to help our customers spread the installation costs over a longer period and manage their cash flow.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Your air conditioning installation is just the beginning, so we can support you throughout your system’s lifetime

We commission every system we install, carrying out comprehensive tests to make sure they’re running as expected and adhere to regulations. We also give individuals who will be operating the units a full walkthrough of the controls, ensuring they understand how to get the most out of the system.

After handing it over, we’re happy to answer any further questions by phone or come out to take a look if you experience any problems.

It’s also vital that you get your air conditioning serviced at least once or twice a year, depending on the type and capacity. B-DACS offers air conditioning maintenance packages, which can be tailored to suit your needs and schedule.

Regular maintenance optimises your system’s performance, reduces running costs and prevents problems from developing. It also protects and often extends your warranty, so, if you take out a contract, you won’t have to pay for extra parts and repairs.