We Celebrate Launching the New B-DACS Office

Last Friday, B-DACS celebrated launching our new office in Panorama Business Village, Glasgow. It meant a lot that so many of our customers, suppliers, friends and family were able to be there. We’ve achieved a lot in the last few years and couldn’t have come this far without you Margaret Curran MP Launched the New B-DACS […]

‘Cool Biz’ Reduces Air Conditioning’s Environmental Impact

Since 2005, businesses in Japan have been saving millions of tons of carbon dioxide by dressing casually and turning up their air conditioning. The campaign, known as Cool Biz, was launched by the Ministry for the Environment and aims to reduce electricity consumption in the summer months. It encourages people to abandon formal suits and neckties, dressing instead […]

What Impact Does Working Temperature Have on Your Office?

A new study suggests that 2% of working hours are lost due to poor temperatures. If the figures are representative, this could be costing the UK economy £13 billion every year. In the survey of over 2,000 office workers, 29% said they took between 10 and 30 minutes out of work each day because of […]

What is the Minimum Working Temperature?

It’s commonly thought that there isn’t a minimum working temperature. However, this isn’t strictly true and employers are obliged to keep workplaces at a reasonable temperature throughout the year. And it’s in everyone’s interests that they do so. Comfort makes people happier, healthier and more productive. Not only that, it’s crucial to office morale. So, […]