Undercover Boss by Diane Drummond

It feels right that all bosses should understand their businesses and understand what challenges their employees and customers face, if any. Being a Director at B-DACS, this is something I am very passionate about. With this in mind, I had tasked myself with visiting a site last year and really getting to understand what we […]

Apex City Hotel, Edinburgh: Project Diary, Part I

The four-star Apex City Hotel is located on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, right in the heart of the city. The key selling point is the view, looking out onto the southeast side of Edinburgh Castle, dominated by the dramatic, curved wall of the Half Moon Battery. Through specialist M&E contractors WMQ, B-DACS was commissioned to […]

Is Air Conditioning Bad For You?

The most common concern people have about air conditioning is that it’s bad for our health. While in some instances the concerns are valid, it very much depends on the air conditioning system you have in place. Is it suitable for your building? Is it clean and regularly maintained? So, what are the biggest effects air […]

10 Years in Air Conditioning: B-DACS’ Story So Far

At B-DACS, we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2013, so here is our story of the last decade. With a new website, established office space and several new faces in the company, we’re at an interesting stage to reflect on where we came from, even if it brings back a few memories we’ve been happy […]