Thank you to St. Andrew’s First Aid

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

Last week, all B-DACS staff attended an emergency first aid course facilitated by Chris from St Andrew’s First Aid.

With many of our engineers working remotely, there is always a risk that situations will arise which require first aid to be administered. With two B-DACS staff having attended the Kiss of Life Lunch last year, run by St Andrew’s, a request was made for a specialist training course to suit the B-DACS team in their own offices. Once contact was made, the team at St Andrews came up with a training schedule covering emergency first aid.

We were delighted with the outcome of the programme with Diane Drummond, Director stating that:

“ Most first aid courses have set formats. However, St Andrew’s First Aid came into our workplace at a time convenient to our employees and delivered an excellent training programme. We were delighted that our staff now have the vital skills to save someone’s life should the situation ever arise”

B-DACS First Aid Staff Training

The training took place over 4 hours with topics such as CPR, choking and severe allergic reactions. The staff at B-DACS passed the course and were delighted that they now carry these all important skills.

B-DACS would like to thank St Andrew’s First Aid for the excellent training and for accommodating their whole workforce at the same time. In March, we will definitely be supporting the St Andrews Fist Aid Afternoon Tea being held at the Central Hotel.

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