Is air conditioning maintenance really necessary?

Abdul Akhtar

Abdul Akhtar

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary

Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to perform at the highest level.

It’s a complex system with numerous components, so it needs looking after.

Having already paid out to have air conditioning installed, many people are reluctant to take out a maintenance contract.

But not doing so always proves more costly in the long run, whether that’s because of efficiency losses, repair costs or downtime.

It just isn’t worth the risk.

Air conditioning maintenance prevents faults

Most serious faults in air conditioning units are preventable. Commonly, they’re caused by simple issues, like dirty filters.

When carrying out routine maintenance visits, air conditioning engineers can easily spot minor niggles in your system. If they go out even once or twice a year, they’ll always catch them before they turn into bigger problems.

There are a few things you can do yourself but only an experienced professional can identify problems with your refrigerant levels, electrical supply or unit cycles.

If left alone, they can all cause serious damage. Customers who get regular maintenance experience fewer issues and greater system reliability.

Because of this, air conditioning manufacturers extend their standard warranty period for customers who take out a service contract with the installer. B-DACS can offer up to 7 year warranties for selected manufacturers.

Planned preventative maintenance typically doubles the functional lifetime of your system. Not having it done is extremely costly in the long run.

Maintenance makes your air conditioning more efficient

Regular maintenance also helps your air conditioning units run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills.

Systems that go without maintenance typically lose 5% efficiency every year. The additional running costs can quickly tot up.

Keeping your system running efficiently also gives you greater control over your building’s climate.

In hot or cold weather, inefficient air conditioning has to work very hard to produce the temperature you require. In some cases, it might not produce it at all.

The extra load can cause air conditioning to break down at crucial times, just when you need it the most. If that happens, you need to cough up for expensive call outs and repairs.

How can B-DACS help?

B-DACS offers air conditioning maintenance contracts, reactive maintenance and repairs.

If you think you could benefit from an air conditioning visit from B-DACS, please call us on 0141 773 3355 or use our enquiry form.

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