Is air conditioning maintenance really necessary?

Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to perform at the highest level. It’s a complex system with numerous components, so it needs looking after. Having already paid out to have air conditioning installed, many people are reluctant to take out a maintenance contract. But not doing so always proves more costly […]

Common Problems with Air Conditioning in Winter

B-DACS receive multiple calls regarding air conditioning problems during winter; however, often these problems can be fixed by the individual themselves and are nothing to worry about. Find out more about some of the common problems with air conditioning during the colder months… Continued

B-DACS A Cut Above The Rest

As a market-leading manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric are forging strong links with professionally accredited installers so that together industry standards can be raised to ensure that customers benefit from the highest level of service they can expect. Mitsubishi Electric Quality is a dedication to excellence in the development and manufacture of exceptional eco-friendly products. With a […]

F-Gas, What Do You Need to Know?

Within the Air Conditioning industry there is growing concern about the amount of awareness for consumer’s around their responsibilities in regards to F-Gas legislation. Here at B-DACS we feel it is our duty of care to inform customers of their responsibilities under the legislation and assist them in ensuring that they are compliant. That is […]

B-DACS Domestic Air Conditioning Service

During recent months B-DACS have received an increase in calls from domestic customers around the challenges they face with achieving a comfortable temperature within certain rooms in their homes during the ever changing weather that we experience in Scotland. We often hear from customers that their conservatories are too hot in the summer and too […]

B-DACS Introducing R-32 to Scotland

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry has made tremendous progress over the past two decades in reducing the use of ozone depleting refrigerants. Refrigerant manufacturers are responding with the development of new products, and equipment manufacturers are designing more efficient technologies and systems that minimise refrigerant charge. They are also testing, selecting and qualifying new […]

Portable Air Conditioning Solutions Now at B-DACS

A portable Air Con system is a simple and efficient way of cooling your premises. The flexibility of a portable system makes it a convenient and cost-efficient way of cooling whichever room you are occupying. The number one benefit of a portable Air Con system is plain to see; they are portable, meaning you can […]

R22 Reminder

On the 1st of January 2015, it became illegal to use R22 refrigerant to repair or maintain air conditioning equipment. That might sound significant but it puts a lot of ageing systems onto their last lifeline. From now on, if they run into any problems, it’s unlikely they can be repaired. As we are now […]

Is your Air Conditioning Ready for the Summer Months?

Last year B-DACS took an increase in calls in the summer months from companies and individuals who were looking for new Air Conditioning or a repair on an existing system. What we want to do is get our customers ready and thinking ahead for the summer months with a few ideas on how to manage […]